My Keys 4 Me FAQs

My Keys 4 Me FAQs

MyKeys4Me is dedicated to serving its customers so that they can get their keys cut or copied for reasonable rate, saving you hundreds of dollars. We do this by streamlining the experience as much as possible so that the customers can buy the products or blanks from us as well as the service in a "one-stop-shop". Alternative, if the customers have their own blanks, we'll gladly cut it for them. Either way, we hope that the customers are happy with their new key(s).

MyKeys4Me can support hundreds of key types, including home, office and cars. Contact us or upload a picture of the key type to see if we can service it. It's trivial to cut home and office, and truthfully, it's most likely less expensive if you go to a hardware store to do that since they stock on very common blanks. We specialize in hard to cut keys or if you have your own blank, we will cut it. Try to bring your blank to the hardware store and ask them, they'll say NO!. We've tried and hence we founded this company so if you're in that situation, we've got you covered.

MyKeys4Me provide a unique and customize service for you. Many people combining their keys are faced with a dilemna in which their keys are long and sharp and poking them in the leg. They turn to the internet to buy these flip key or switchblade keys, but guess what, these keys are great but they are all blank. Who is going to cut these blanks for you? The hardware store will not cut customer provided blanks, and even worse, if your original key has a transponder chip in it, No Way! The Locksmith will cut it, but price starts at $200. Yes, you read that right, starting at $200. That's not even considering copying the transponder or difficult cuts. We do it for a fraction of what everyone else will charge you.

We have a money back guarantee. Your original will always be safe. We recomend using a traceable mail service when mailing us your items. Your original will be safe with us. We only use it as a tracer to trace it in our machines and it will never be in danger of being damaged. In the near future, we will use high tech robotics to copy your machine in which nothing will touch it; only a robot will "see" and know it. After we send you the copy or the produced key, if they do not work, simply send it back to us and we will issue 100% refund, including the shipping both ways. Shipping rate not to exceed $10 per transit.

Short answer: Not right away.  We program the remote to your car make and model and then we ship the new remote to you.  Every car will have a secret "handshake" in order to program the remote(s) to your car.  For example, to initiate the programming mode for some car, you have to close all the doors, turn the keys to the ACC position two times, open the driver door once, do jumping jacks and then touch your toes, etc.  Now hold the button for 10 secs on the remote until the car horn beeps twice.  You usually have to program all the remotes associated with the car in one go so you'll have to collect all the remotes that you plan to use and program them all in one sitting.  This is similar to programming a garage door opener remote.

Not to worry, it's very easy to do.  Look under the Resources Menu and you'll see a couple of guides that will help you program the new remote.

In my own words, a tranponder is a chip that embedded inside the rubber head part of the key.  Using near field communication, once the key is inserted into the key tumbler, it is near enough to the vehicle immobilizer which is another electronic deivce that built inside the vehicle near the key and once these two devices "see" each other, it creates an authorization to allow the vehicle to start when the driver turns the key to start the engine.  Below is an image depicting the common transponder and car immobilizer communcation.  There are different transponders in the key head, the image shows 2 common types.  There would only be 1 transponder in the rubber part.  The transponder image is not to scale and it's actually much smaller so that it's embedded inside the rubber part. 

If your key has a rubber head in it, it most likely may have an embedded trasponder in it.  If it's fully metal, then it won't have one in it.  If by chance you get the key duplicate it and tried to start the vehicle, the vehicle will not start and won't turn over, it'll just crank.  If that happens, for sure, you were able to turn the key but the vehicle doesn't start because it is missing the transponder.  We can easily check if your original key has one or not if we have the key in our possession. 

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Under the menu of our Resource for Key Programming 1, it's a great resource to program both remote and key?  What's the difference between the two?  Remote programming are set of instructions to program the "remote" which is what the driver presses in order to unlock or lock the vehicle's door or open the vehicle's trunk.  It let's the driver enter the vehicle.

Key programming refers to keys which has a transponder in them that requires the transponder and immobilizer to be associated to one another in order for the driver to turn the key and start the vehicle.  These set of instructions is to program a "virgin" tranponder that been programmed to that specific vehicle make and model.  This key programming can be bypassed by "cloning" the original factory tranponder using special locksmith tools to duplicate the encyption that's on the tranponder so that both tranponder and immobolizer are associated with one another.


Yes, it is secure. We do not store your credit card info. Anything you buy from us will be processed by our payment processor, whether that be PayPal or some other payment processor.