What we do
Why MyKeys4Me
MyKeys4Me was founded because we realize there's a disconnect between the customer and companies in which the customer wants to do one thing. That one thing is to copy their keys for a reasonable rate. How many times have you been told "No!" or tired of paying too much for something simple?
Tired of keys poking a hole in your pocket?
Well, us too. Got a fancy blank like this one? We'll cut it for ya!
Want to reduce the number of stuff on your keychain?
We'll combine your keyless entry and key into 1 cool switchblade key with remote.
Want a spare key with a transponder? Is the dealer charging you $700 to duplicate a new one? Ha!, we'll do if for much less!
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Let us solve your problems and frustrations.

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We offer many products and services related to keys, whether that be automotive, home, etc. We continue to expand our store, so check back often and subscribe to our newsletter.
Safe, secure and convenient
MyKeys4Me has simplified the process of getting your keys copied or cut.
No more calling around from one store to another just to ask for pricing or whether they can even copy your keys. Just securely mail us your keys, and we'll work on it to get you the new ones out, and all you need to do is wait for it in the mail. No more driving around looking for the locksmith shop. Just add the products or services from our store and you're on your way. It's really convenient and safe. You don't need to keep an image or picture of your keys in the cloud where hackers can possibly get it.